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 Our Honey
(Spring Blossom and Clover )


Harvest Times

Our U-Pick season has come to a close - Apples are still available at our Tasting Stands

Varietysort descending Harvest Quality Use
Arkansas Black end of October very crisp, juicy, firm flesh, flavor sharp, aromatic excellent for fresh-eating and good for culinary use
Baldwin October medium to large red apple, sweet and crisp good to very good as a fresh-eating and culinary variety
Braeburn november Rich, aromatic, crisp, breaking and very juicy flesh, moderately tart, improving in storage fresh-eating, processing (sauce, pies, baking)
Cortland September mild flavor, tender, crisp texture, slightly tart fresh-eating, salads
Empire late September medium sized attractive red apple with mild flavor, firm texture. fresh-eating, baking
Fuji late October firm, juicy, low-acidity, very sweet excells as salad and fresh-eating apple
Gala September crisp,dense flesh with mild, sweet flavor fresh-eating
Ginger Gold mid to late August sweet flavor, firm texture fresh-eating, salad
Golden Delicious October large yellow fruit, very sweet, thin skinned fresh-eating, dessert, processing (sauce, pies, baking), freezing
Golden Russet October sugary, dense, rich flesh fresh-eating, cider, storage
Granny Smith late October crisp and tart baking, sauce, juice
Gravenstein August thin-skinned, juicy, breaking and spicy fresh-eating, pies, sauce, baking
Grimes Golden late September rich, sweet, spicy, syrup-like juice fresh-eating, cider, sauce
Honeycrisp mid-September intensely crisp and juicy, sweet and tart balance fresh-eating, salad, cooking
Idared October tangy flavor, firm texture fresh-eating, baking
Jonagold mid-September to October slightly tart flavor, tender texture fresh-eating, pies
Jonamac early September white, firm, crisp, tart and juicy fresh-eating
Jonathan early October Tart and spicy flavor, juicy and crisp fresh-eating, cider, sauce
Lodi mid August tart flavor, soft texture sauce, pies
Macoun late September Mild flavor, crisp texture. fresh-eating, salad, baking, sauce
McIntosh September very spicy, aromatic, slightly tart flavor, crisp texture fresh-eating, salads, sauce, pies, baking
Melrose mid October coarse, sweet, somewhat acidic cooking, fresh-eating
Mutsu October crisp, juicy, tart fresh-eating, sauce
Northern Spy late October tangy, robust, juicy, firm baking, fresh eating, all-purpose
Red Delicious late September sweet flavor; tough, bitter skin fresh-eating, salad
Rome Beauty late September through October thick-skinned, mildly tart and crisp fresh-eating, sauce, pies, baking
Wealthy September lively flavor, coarse and soft texture, sweet aroma baking, freezing, cider, fresh-eating
Winesap October strong sweet and sour contrast, wine-like flavor and aroma fresh eating, culinary use, cider